The Skirmish Repertory Company, a new theatrical troupe, made their debut this week, putting on two performances:  Attack at Dawn, and Assault on the Ringwraith’s Lair.

Attack at Dawn

Cast:  Camara, Casinthelion, Elywyn, Estelwyn, Filidor, Gennyrose, Kaleigh, Locney, Melanie, Pengurion, Wendy

The Skirmish Repertory Company made a successful debut with a spirited performance of Attack at Dawn.  Not quite having enough actors for a complete cast, some quick backstage costume changes were necessary, but the actors pressed on well just the same.  There were a few pratfalls and, at one point, a scene needed to be restarted from its beginning, due to the appearance of a Leadfoot Brute, who cleared the stage in a rather impressive manner.  Of course, this was not in the script, thus the need to restart the scene.

From that point onward, however, the play was went very smoothly, and the cast looked quite polished as it performed the climactic battle scene and saved the day.  The future looks bright for this company.

Assault on the Ringwraiths’ Lair

Cast:  Elendhir, Elywyn, Estelwyn, Gennyrose, Kaleigh, Melanie, Penguarion, Talodan, Wendy, with a special appearance by Sir Meadowlarke Sweetweed.

Having seen the promise of this new acting troupe, your reporter decided to take to the road with them to review their next production, Assault on the Ringwraiths’ Lair.  The cast was a bit shorthanded again, something the two creators of the Repertory are hoping will change once their company is a bit more established, but was bolstered by the dramatic guest appearance of Sir Meadowlarke Sweetweed.  The show was acted and performed magnificently, with the cast deftly handling scenes with three Loot Tenants without flaw.  It was said that, after the performance, the two creators entered into talks with the Bounder Chief, hoping to make him a regular member of the Repertory.

And that is it for this week of The Impartial Observer, the most trusted name in theater!

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