I knew not what else to do but make the Blackwolds pay for their mischief, in whatever way I could.  While stealing supplies from one of their camps, I came across a letter from an Ellie Cutleaf who seemed to be aiding them.  I decided to have a visit with her and give her a piece of my mind!

It turns out that she had misgivings about dealing with them from the start. Together, we hatched a plan that would have me sneak into the Blackwold’s camp, poison their foul wargs, and capture one of their most valued leaders: Jagger Jack! I was so afraid, but I knew that it must be done, and Ellie’s plan (it was mostly her idea) worked brilliantly!

We celebrated our victory well into the night, though I think her pup was more interested in his chew-toy!

With Light,