After helping to set up trade between Combe and Staddle again, I learned from Gammy Boggs that brigands, rumored to be in the service of someone named Sharkey, had been harassing the village-folk as of late.  It turns out a poor hobbit named Falco Greenhand had been paying off these scoundrels so that they would not harm his farm!  Brigands like these really chap my hide, especially after losing my own farm, you know?

I went to report this to Constable Bolger who suggested we lie in wait for the thieves and turn the tables on them for a change! We asked around the village for volunteers to aid us in our endeavor.  Two brave men, Banley and Lagorade, heroically answered our plea!  We kept hidden until the thieves showed up and then gave them a well-deserved thrashing! I suspect that this Sharkey and his toads will not bother Falco, or even Staddle, for a good long while!

While speaking with Lagorade afterward, he told me that he employs such tactics often in his dealings, though I suspect he only uses such means for noble causes.  I must say that I rather enjoy playing tricks on others, myself.  Without strength of arms or stoutness of body, I may well have to engage in such mischief in order to get things done!

With Light,