Through much subterfuge and trickery, as well as the wise counsel and brave deeds of Celairant, Langlas, and noble Avorthal, we have averted war between the dwarves of Gondamon and the elves of Duillond.  Having focused our sights on the true enemy:  Skogrim’s Dourhands and the goblin horde they had amassed, we then recruited many to aid us in a daring assault upon Rath Teraig, itself!

Avorthal led the way, keenly scouting safe passage into the heart of the enemy’s stronghold, while the rest of us kept watch over him.  Though foul Skogrim escaped, we claimed a great victory nonetheless.  I give thanks, now and forevermore, to those who aided us in this most worthwhile endeavor!

There is little time to rest however, as Langlas has asked me to fly to Bree-town to seek who he calls his Captain, a man known as Strider, and report this news. I will gladly obey for these men, who are known as rangers, seem to be one with the land in a way many do not understand. They are wise to listen and heed its call, and I am fortunate to have their counsel.

My deeds are small compared to so many, but by surrounding myself with good and wise men such as these, I do well to put myself in the best light!

With Light,