Happy new year, everyone!  We are back with a review of the year-ending performances of note from the stage!

The Skirmish Repertory Company ended the year with two performances:  Defense of the Prancing Pony and an encore performance of Attack at Dawn.

Defense of the Prancing Pony

Cast:  Annamaen, Beno, Draakon, Gennyrose, Kaleigh, Kestryl, Lennidhren, Locney, Meadowlarke

The Skirmish Repertory Company, coming off a week featuring two grand performances, decided to challenge themselves by debuting Defense of the Prancing Pony with a short cast.  It was a surprising choice given the number and the specialties of the cast, and as the play progressed to its final scene, I wondered whether the Repertory might soon be facing its first poor review.

The cast struggled mightily but saw the final curtain lowered on its own terms, and the audience applauded its extraordinary perseverance as much as the workmanlike performance it witnessed.  To be honest, the cast should not have been put in such a position, and in speaking with one of the Repertory’s creators after the performance, I think such things will be better evaluated in the future.  While it is a wonderful thing to be able to plan performances out weeks in advance, and also to realize that typecasting should be steered away from as much as possible, one must always search for the truth of a situation, on the stage and before taking the stage as well.

Attack at Dawn

Cast:  Annamaen, Beno, Drakkon, Erakleon, Gennyrose, Lennidhren, Locney, Kaleigh, Kestryl, Melanie, Muiran, Meadowlarke

After the previous performance, the Skirmish Repertory Company ended the year on a high note with an encore presentation of Attack at Dawn.  Being one of the easier standards in theater, the performance went very well, as was expected.  No doubt the creators wished to make up for the performance before and to go into the new year with momentum.  Even in the most tightly scripted play one must improvise, and so it is true for pre-production as well.

One small glitch cannot undo weeks of great performances, however, and unchecked success can lead to issues of its own.  Your reporter looks forward to the very bright future of this new troupe.

And that is it for this week of The Impartial Observer, the most trusted name in theater!

— Your Sage of the Stage