A playful trick to raise the spirit…

Oh, hello again! I was just practicing one of the tricks I play to bring cheer to friends in safer times. Not all mischief is ill-natured, and a bit of fun can turn a cloudy day into a much brighter one for all involved.

Today, we will discuss how best to make mischief amongst foes in times that are not so safe, while still bringing cheer to the friends on our side! But first, a quick recap of the three different Scouting techniques and my belief on where they each are best applied:

  • The Quiet Knife: All on-level landscape tasks, quests and Tier 1 – 2 skirmishes, Tier 1 (and some T2) instances and Tier 1 raids (The greatest amount of instant damage)
  • The Mischief-maker: Tier 2 Raids and some instances and skirmishes (Tier 3) (Crowd control, Debuffing, Fellowship-wide healing and power restoring)
  • The Gambler: Soloing over-level quests and group instances or just to try something fun! (A bit of everything, with an emphasis on Damage over time)

The Mischief-maker

As we did with the Quiet Knife technique, let us first go over the unique benefits that come with being a Mischief-maker (the line bonus on the side of the Trait Window):

A Small Snag is the Mischief-maker’s critical chain finisher

Disable is one of the four Tricks that Mischief-makers employ to weaken their foes (and the only one completely exclusive to the Mischief-maker technique)

All three Scouting techniques allow Scouts to reveal weaknesses in a foe. The Mischief-maker also weakens the foe’s Resistance, thereby making it easier for the Scout and allies to land conditions and tricks on the foe!

With this bonus and a legendary legacy, Mischief-maker’s can play tricks on their foes from quite a distance! Also, the reduction in cooldown to the Mischief-maker’s ability to tell Riddles allows them to renew their Riddle continuously, keeping the targeted foe out of the fight indefinitely.

These are trick removal skills that allow the Mischief-maker to conjure certain effects depending upon the circumstance.

Quiet a Snag is the improved version of A Small Snag, and this ability allows Quite a Snag to be used outside of the critical chain

Trickster is the Mischief-maker’s capstone skill, greatly empowering and enhancing the ability to play tricks for a limited time