As I made my way to Kingsfell, I came upon a lovely stream and was awed by the rustic beauty of the North Downs.  I was reminded of the garish displays back at the orc camp and their contrast with the simple, natural allure of the countryside.  Sometimes, less is more, you know?

I have always been a sort of plain-jane myself, not that I have much choice!  I see so many in Bree-town and other places with such lavish clothes and jewelry.  They all look so lovely!  I sometimes wonder what such finery would do for me, but I am afraid my lack of grace and manner would not allow me to pull such a thing off.  I do carry my needle and thread with me and try to learn stitching from all the kind folk who are willing to teach me a thing or two.  I would love to make myself something more appealing but, for now, I am fortunate just to be able to hold together the little I have with my craft!

With Light,