At last, I have come to Esteldin, the hidden gathering place for the rangers who have given so much hope and aid to the Free Peoples.  Their ways are mysterious, as they must be, to keep themselves hidden from the forces of shadow, and they are not well understood by most  folk.  I certainly did not know what to make of them at first!

However, I have always believed that the honorable ones among us have a way of surfacing when and where they are most needed. We sorely need such heroes in this dark time, and I am thankful for the opportunities they have given me to learn from them and aid them in their endeavors.

I met with the ranger, Dagoras, while he kept watch over some good folk who sparred together, hoping to gain wisdom for future battles that will be far less forgiving.  I was to search the area nearby for foul creatures and gather herbs to be used later for the wounded.  As we watched the sparring while the rain fell, I hoped for the strength to be able to help wash away the more mundane troubles of these men, so that they might bring their greater skills to bear toward more pressing concerns.

With Light,