I set off on Dagoras’ tasks the next morning.  Thankfully, the rain from the day before continued to fall, and it would help mask the sound of my tramping through underbrush and throw predators off my scent.  The wisdom of nature abounds, and I believe it aids those who serve it and others with noble purpose.

I was able to skulk about in the Snares, slaying spiders one by one, until the enormous Queen came into view! I quickly hid behind a tree, hoping that I could take her by surprise. Thankfully, I got in a well-placed strike before the battle began and she fell!

Next, I went off in search of nearby packs of wargs which were preying on game that the rangers needed for themselves.  I happened to spot a lone doe grazing on a hillside in the rain.  The beauty of the moment was spoiled when I caught sight of a grinning snout and yellow eyes peering over the hill behind her before disappearing from view!

“No, you don’t!” I said to myself, as I skirted the hill and crept up behind the warg, just as it was ready to pounce. The doe fled, of course, but I was able to finish off the warg quickly enough to catch a glimpse of her bounding toward the cover of a rocky hillside. My heart soared to see her run free!

Finally, I was able to recover some Meadowsweet for the rangers.  As I made sure to leave enough behind, so that the plants would grow once again, I gazed up into the rain.  I was so thankful that the earth would be nourished again and give us another bountiful harvest.  Life-cycles, you see?  We are all connected, everything and everyone.

With Light,