6 thoughts on “Fashion”

  1. Berenduin said:

    GREAT SMIALS! Where’d ye get that fun toy gem!?!


    • Kaleigh Starshine said:

      Oh, you should have come with us treasure-hunting in the lowlands near Gondamon! We were toiling away on the hillsides, bringing back relics and such for the dwarves, and they gifted me a dowsing gem to search for hidden things. I bet they will open the excavation again soon!


  2. Luinmiriel said:

    What is the name of the leather armour chest piece in the second outfit from the bottom?


    • Kaleigh Starshine said:

      I am so sorry I missed your question!

      It is called the “Lesser Secret of the West”, one I bartered for with treasures I brought back with me from Ost Dunhoth and other places in service to the way-watchers. It is Scout’s (Burglar’s) armor.


  3. Kaleigh, you look gorgeous in those outfits! I especially like the Ost Dunhoth one. It’s almost enough to make me regret playing Rift instead of lotro (but not quite 😀 )….


    • Kaleigh Starshine said:

      Sounds like it is time to get out my needle and thread and patch up that rift!

      Thank you so much, sir. I am truly glad you are enjoying your journeys, even if they are in far-distant lands. Just know that you can always return home! 🙂


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