Home Renderings

I was visiting with some friends this evening, and the subject of hosting gatherings at one’s home was one of the topics that came up. It never occurred to me to post renderings of my home within my journal, since I keep it on the mantle here at home, and anyone who comes by to peruse it certainly can see things for themselves!

But I did send some renderings and captions to one of the periodicals, the Landroval Times, a while back, for a contest they were hosting. So, I thought I might place them here as well.

Good day! Welcome to my home!

From only seedlings gifted to me by a dear friend long ago, these pink rhododendron have claimed a special place in my garden… is that a weed?

I am just resting my eyes for a moment, I promise!

The creek out back makes for an enjoyable afternoon.

Please, come inside, won’t you?

Go on and leave your cloak on the wardrobe there and come in!

Bright floors and walls make for warm and pleasant surroundings when spending time at my writing desk.

The warmth and colors of a fire are so entrancing, you know? Time just seems to stand still.

I think I will leave these scouting plans for the morrow!

Please, come into the sitting room, won’t you?

Gracious, who keeps lighting these fires in order to entrap me here?

The warmth or the vision: which is more powerful?

Sitting rooms aren’t just for sitting anymore!

Maybe a little something to read before resting, no?

‘Simplicity of life and elevation of purpose…’. Was he speaking of home decorating, I wonder?

Thank you for coming by! I hope you enjoyed visiting my haven, but it is time for my rest, so out, out out! 🙂

Dear friends are always welcome to stop by. Please do come again soon!


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